EFFENEX means Efficiency, Energy, Experience

The Birth of EFFENEX in 2016 brought light to indulge a knowledge in effective practices within the experienced approach as an outcome of many years of hands-on-practices.

The time has come, and the moment of change with the high expectation is on our doorstep to empower people, inspire and encourage them as well getting the sensation of that.

We are going to aim to put facts in motion and make sure to keep them sustainable like never before. Maintaining the energetic feed with a natural flow enthusiastically. As we gathered a group of highly ranked experts and well-trained personnel of our own professional environment. In addition, we also cooperated with them knowledge wise. Nevertheless, the certainty of getting professional support is a part of our aim. Our advisors squad has developed and achieved each a startup as well as companies with full innovative implementation solutions for both landscapes Polish and International Market.

Finally, we are positively sure that Effenex, as well as our offer, will meet your distinct expectation to become a reaching bridge between building an entrepreneurial ecosystem and both national and global success to your company.

Izabela Disterheft, Joanna Staniszewska

founders of EFFENEX

EFFENEX Efficiency Energy Experience

An offer


What we do?

We have been experts in different fields for many years. We offer good practice as well as already tested ways of implementing various projects on the basis of building sustainable and honest relations. We are going to support companies from developing markets while consulting and mentoring.
Main fields of expertise:

  • PR & communication strategy
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • IP workshops & consultancy
  • Business development & business activities optimization
  • Expansion strategy (cultural diversity included)
  • Project Management (engineering, finance, risk)
  • System Engineering


Why we do it?

For us, working on projects we share a belief in, is the most effective way to succeed. The way which uplifts and inspires. Let us lead you the best, tested and efficient way.

What makes us unique:

  • we are accessible (on-site and remotely)
  • we are practitioners & passionate
  • we have an international projects portfolio
  • we are flexible in terms of project scope, financial settlement


How we do it?

We promote a consulting-mentoring model of cooperation. Permanent access to our experts is the key to your final success.

Furthermore, we support companies providing an array of possibilities ranging from schooling, lectures and mentoring to workshops and communication audits. You will be taken care of by a dedicated, made-for-your-measure advisor or team of advisors, who is going to supervise your company’s progress.

How you can benefit:

  • you will save costs
  • you will optimize your expansion agenda
  • you will align your communication with the business values
  • you will reach new markets, so new clients
  • you will empower your teamwork and leadership


Who are we?

Our advisors have been selected through a clear pattern – all of them are people armed with knowledge and experience dedicated to specialized fields. Experts’ acquaintanceship is a vital asset for us. Our idea evolved from a mutual business cooperation and expertise in the specific needs each market faces. Those needs were our own a few years ago.


Where we operate?

We are aiming our offer to those companies which are open for transformation.

Should you worry about the means of communication? Not at all, as we can stay in touch however you wish: virtually, on the spot, during individual meetings, on closed or open schooling and consultation teams.

We direct our offer to:

  • entrepreneurs
  • small and medium-sized businesses
  • science and technology parks
  • start-ups
  • entrepreneurial incubators
  • agencies for economic development
  • think tanks
  • clusters
  • associations
  • conference organizers
  • local authorities

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We share our experience and good practice virtually and directly, on the spot through:

  • consulting
  • mentoring
  • advising
  • supporting start-ups and SME
  • supporting and empowering women who can become economic leverage
  • development programs
  • schooling (both in groups and individually)
  • coaching

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You can trust us in the fields of financial consultations, legal support, marketing advisory, supporting start-ups, commercialization, alternative business modeling, supporting export and brand promotion, leadership.

Joanna Staniszewska


Marketing consultant with over 20-year professional experience. Founder of you’ll marketing agency. Her company specializes in new media. Works at the University of Gdansk giving lectures on advertisement strategy, brand management and practical marketing. During her long-lasting advisory practice, has shared her knowledge on marketing strategy and tools, social media, communication and personal development. She used to market new brands, build and change image of already existing ones, as well as promote national projects abroad and international projects in Poland.

Izabela Disterheft


Advises in building effective strategies for business institutions ranging from their development to gaining regional investors. Specializes in start-up development focusing mainly on gaining new business partners. Coaches in the fields of presentation, public speeches and pitching. For over 3 years, she has been running Gdansk Science and Technology Park (over 100 companies, 3 buildings and 40 000 m2). Nowadays, she is the main coordinator of the biggest ICT cluster in Poland, which consociates over 130 members.


Piotr Bonin

Project Management (Engineering, Finance, Risk)

Engineer and financial expert with 16-year experience. Specializes in investment projects and risk management. Able to plan each investment starting from an idea and ending with obtaining final authorization. Willing advisor who helps to optimize time and expenditures of every investment process. Member of numerous management boards. Creates their financial and developmental plans. Not only does he implement their restructuring, but also coordinates projects connected with infrastructural development at the same time.


  • Fluent in

    English, Polish

Krzysztof Filipiuk

Project Management

Expert in the fields of project management and processes’ organization. While taking advantage of methodology set by Project Management Institute, he connects it with lean start-up techniques. Coach in problem-solving strategies. Has been coordinating projects for minor companies as well as international corporations (AIG, Google) in Europe. In order to evolve effective and ethical solutions for companies, he combines the approach of non-governmental organizations with experiences in the fields of marketing, company’s organization and knowledge management. Co-author of business plans and feasibility studies for self-governmental projects.

Dagmara Łuczka

Company Image Building

Founder of Projektownia Wizerunku, who specializes in image building of individuals and companies. Focuses on business etiquette and forming business relationships. Works on increasing competence needed for building relations in business environment. Specializes in code of behavior in business relations and on business events, rules of self-presentation, netiquette, dress code and non-verbal communication. As a lecturer (University of Gdansk, Gdynia Maritime University), she has taught business etiquette and public relations.

Justyna Pawłowska, PhD

Intellectual Property Rights

Specializes in intellectual property. Has vast experience in patents, trade dress, trademarks and protection of designs, especially in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceutical science and IT. Patent attorney with comprehensive legal and technical background. Representative of the EU Intellectual Property Bureau. Advises in intellectual property, which involves searching, monitoring and analyzing services connected with intellectual property rights.

Amir Kahani

Sales Advisor

Amir Kahani received his BA in Economics and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University, Israel, his MBA in Marketing from Manchester University, UK. He is currently working on his dissertation title for his Ph.D. in VFU, Bulgaria.  He brings more than 25 years of business experience in sales as well as management as a CEO in the high tech arena. Kahani developed a new business methodology called  “Value Selling Organization,” created in cooperation with consulting US company. Currently, he is working in Business-To-Business market with local and international companies, including Brinks, in order to help them create profitable sales that increase profit redundant. His business methodology focuses on determining the value sought by customers and integrating that knowledge systematically into the business as means to increase profit.

Andreia Fernandes

Expert in Marketing Strategy

Andreia brings more than 17 years of international working experience in the areas and has gained this experience working at multinationals, NGOs as well as in a start-up environment. The variety of experience in the different positions, from consultant to global product manager to managing director is her asset when it comes to building new organizations and structures.

“It’s my passion to support my clients in bringing their projects and companies to the next level! As opposed to specialist knowhow the breadth of my experience helps to best get things started in a structured way and consider all aspects from an early stage on.”

  • Fluent in

    German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French

Michele Fiorini

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Principal engineer with comprehensive engineering management experience supporting large scale international projects and global organizations. Leading cross-cultural teams, providing guidance, problem-solving attitude, educational mentoring and lean management continuous improvement. Technical and management savvy with 17+ years of working experience in Italy, United Kingdom, Poland and Asia-Pacific.
“I believe in continuous professional development through education and cross-fertilisation between company and academia as well as organization results driven by customer satisfaction”.

Nazeen Koonda

Communications Marketing

With over 13 years of experience in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Communications Marketing, Nazeen has worked with and consulted with some of the top brands, Startups and SMEs in Malaysia and India. Her passion is to understand what brands want to be and creating a voice for them that resonates with their target market. After working with some of the top editors and content creators in the field she believes in understanding the consumer, developing content and kick starting conversations that engage and chart brand ascension and create positive employer branding. Aside from helping companies and brands grow, she is also passionate about training young people, startups, and SMEs, to learn new skills and get the most out of their talent pool. Innovative and effective solutions along with constant learning are her mantras and whacky workable ideas, quality, and on-time delivery are her trademarks.

  • Fluent in

    English, Hindi, Urdu, Malay

Magdalena Kowalska

Business Activities Optimization

Expert and advisor in choosing business tools and optimizing efforts aimed at fulfilling clients’ goals in the fields of managing, sales, marketing and development. During her 15-year practice, she has gained experience both in corporate structures (as a marketer, HR and sales director) and while counseling small and medium-sized family businesses. Author of team-building and business games. Uses extraordinary forms of events and schooling for stimulating human and organizational changes.



EFFENEX Advisory

Joanna Staniszewska

Phone: +48 518 616 631

Email: j.staniszewska@effenex.com

Address: ul. Żeleńskiego 50a/2, 80-285, Gdańsk, Poland